UK lawyers’ open letter concerning Gaza


03 April 2024

We are UK-based or qualified lawyers, legal academics and former members of the judiciary committed to upholding the rule of law and to protecting fundamental rights; and who share deep concern about the catastrophe unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

In a letter dated 26 October 2023, over a thousand members of the legal profession wrote to you concerning your Government’s obligations to avert and avoid complicity in serious breaches of International Humanitarian Law (“IHL”) in Gaza. 

Since that letter, there have been significant developments in relation to the situation in Gaza. These include the provisional order of the International Court of Justice dated 26 January 2024, by which the Court concluded that there was a plausible risk of genocide in Gaza;  UN Security Council Resolution 2728 on 25 March 2024 demanding an immediate ceasefire during the month of Ramadan; and the worsening situation in Gaza, where the UN and international aid agencies warn of imminent famine, and where a ground offensive is threatened in Rafah, the last place of refuge for two-thirds of the population.

We write in the light of these developments to remind you of your Government’s obligations under international law, which require you to take, amongst others, the following five actions:

  1. to work actively and effectively to secure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza;
  2. to take all available measures to ensure safe access to and delivery of the essentials of existence and medical assistance to Palestinians in Gaza, including confirmation that UK funding to UNRWA will continue with immediate effect;
  3. to impose sanctions upon individuals and entities who have made statements inciting genocide against Palestinians;
  4. to suspend the provision of weapons and weapons systems to the Government of Israel; and
  5. to suspend the 2030 Road Map for UK-Israel bilateral relations and negotiations towards an enhanced trade agreement and to initiate a review into the suspension of the UK’s bilateral trade agreement with Israel and consider the imposition of sanctions. 

A link to the full letter and detailed account of our reasons can be found here.

A link to the October 2023 letter can be found here.


This letter remains open for signature by retired judges, legal practitioners and legal academics (PhD or higher) qualified and/or practising in the UK.

The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the signatories and are not intended to reflect the official policy or position of their employers, or the organisations of which they are members or otherwise represent.


  1. The Rt Hon Baroness Hale of Richmond, former President of the Supreme Court
  2. The Rt Hon Lord Carnwath, former Justice of the Supreme Court
  3. The Rt Hon Lord Sumption, former Justice of the Supreme Court
  4. The Rt Hon Lord Wilson, former Justice of the Supreme Court 
  5. The Rt Hon Sir Richard Aikens, former Lord Justice of Appeal
  6. The Rt Hon Sir Anthony Hooper, former Judge of the Court of Appeal
  7. The Rt Hon Sir Alan Moses, former Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal
  8. The Rt Hon Sir Stephen Sedley, former Judge of the Court of Appeal
  9. HHJ Patricia Dangor, former Circuit Judge; former Judge of the Appeal Court of Bermuda
  10. HHJ Owen Davies KC, former Circuit Judge 
  11. HHJ Nic Madge, former Circuit Judge 
  12. Jane Coker, former Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  13. Nadine Finch, former Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  14. Catriona Jarvis, former Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)


  1. The Lord Brennan KC, former Chair of the Bar of England and Wales
  2. Brian Fee KC, former Chair of the General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland
  3. Andrew Hall KC, former Chair of the Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales
  4. Theo Huckle KC, former Counsel General for Wales
  5. The Lord Hendy KC
  6. Matthias Kelly KC SC, former Chair of the Bar Council of England and Wales
  7. Michael Mansfield KC, former Judge on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine
  8. Helen Mountfield KC
  9. Jo Sidhu KC, former Chair of the Criminal Bar Association  of England and Wales
  10. Monye Anyadike-Danes KC
  11. ​​Nick Armstrong KC
  12. Alex Bailin KC
  13. Ali Naseem Bajwa KC
  14. John Benson KC
  15. Henry Blaxland KC
  16. Nicola Braganza KC
  17. Kirsty Brimelow KC 
  18. Jamie Burton KC
  19. Chris Buttler KC
  20. Peter Carter KC
  21. Joanne Cecil KC
  22. David Chirico KC
  23. Sadiya Choudhury KC
  24. Ben Cooper KC
  25. Bryan Cox KC
  26. Liz Davies KC
  27. Nick De Marco KC
  28. John de Waal KC
  29. Laura Dubinsky KC 
  30. Desmond Fahy KC
  31. Ed Fitzgerald KC
  32. Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC
  33. Dr Felicity Gerry KC
  34. Alex Goodman KC
  35. Nina Grahame KC
  36. Stephanie Harrison KC
  37. David Heraghty KC
  38. David Hislop KC
  39. Raza Husain KC
  40. Gul Nawar Hussain KC
  41. Abdul Shaffaq Iqbal KC 
  42. Schona Jolly KC
  43. Tristan Jones KC
  44. Wayne Jordash KC
  45. Stephen Kamlish KC
  46. Riel Karmy-Jones KC
  47. Phillippa Kaufmann KC
  48. Samantha Knights KC
  49. Alexander Layton KC
  50. Anya Lewis KC
  51. Sara Mansoori KC
  52. Aileen McColgan KC
  53. Brendan McGurk KC​​​​
  54. Rajiv Menon KC
  55. Joseph Middleton KC
  56. Karon Monaghan KC
  57. Anna Morris KC
  58. Gráinne Murphy KC
  59. Fiona Murphy KC
  60. Greg Ó Ceallaigh KC
  61. Patrick O’Connor KC
  62. John O’Hare KC
  63. Robin Oppenheim KC
  64. Timothy Otty KC
  65. Andrew Post KC
  66. Icah Peart KC
  67. Meredith Pickford KC
  68. Karen Quinlivan KC
  69. Fergus Randolph KC
  70. Rupert Reed KC
  71. Irena Sabic KC
  72. Duran Seddon KC
  73. Imran Shafi KC
  74. Maya Sikand KC
  75. Stephen Simblet KC
  76. Jessica Simor KC 
  77. Adam Straw KC
  78. Mark Summers KC
  79. Professor Leslie Thomas KC
  80. Hugh Tomlinson KC
  81. Richard Turney KC
  82. Pete Weatherby KC
  83. Aswini Weereratne KC
  84. Gemma White KC
  85. Fran Wiley KC
  86. Marc Willers KC
  87. David Wolfe KC
  88. James Wood KC
  89. Hossein Zahir KC


  1. The Rt Hon Baroness Chakrabarti CBE PC, former director of Liberty
  2. Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC, Founding Partner, Bindmans LLP
  3. Imran Khan KC, Partner, Imran Khan & Partners Solicitors
  4. Roger Smith OBE, former Director, JUSTICE
  5. Aina Khan OBE, Founder, Aina Khan Law
  6. Sonia Ahmad, Director, Banks Kelly Solicitors
  7. Iqbal Ahmed, Partner, Ahmed & Co Solicitors
  8. Maneer Ahmed, Partner, Burgoyne & Co Solicitors
  9. Parveen Ahmed, Partner, Harrison Bundey Solicitors 
  10. Rosalyn Akar Grams, Managing Director, Legal Practice and Children’s Rights, Coram Children’s Legal Centre
  11. Afsana Akhtar, Director, Abbey Law
  12. Ashraful Alam, Partner, Longfords Solicitors
  13. Tayab Ali, Partner and Head of International Law, Bindmans LLP
  14. Bodrul Amin, Director, Solidaire Solicitors
  15. Fahad Ansari, Director, Riverway Law
  16. Aamer Anwar, Founding Partner, Aamer Anwar & Co Solicitors
  17. Bahar Ata, Director, Duncan Lewis Solicitors
  18. Nasir Ata, Founder, Ata & Co Solicitors
  19. Arif Awan, Partner, Green & Olive 
  20. Abraar Ayaz, Director, Advice Wise Solicitors
  21. Ahmed Aydeed, Director, Duncan Lewis Solicitors
  22. Faaiza Banu Khankhara, Director, Blakewells Solicitors Limited
  23. Tim Barnden, Partner, Bates Wells
  24. Rukeya Begum, Director, JM Wilson Solicitors
  25. Raju Bhatt, Founding Partner, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
  26. Stephanie Biden, Partner, Bates Wells
  27. Ashkhan Candey, Managing Partner, CANDEY
  28. Daniel Carey, Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
  29. Zohaib Chaudury, Partner, Alexander Shaw Solicitors
  30. Brian Coulter, Partner, Alexander Shaw Solicitors LLP
  31. Erin Cowley, Partner, Winley Ford Solicitors 
  32. Patricia Coyle, Partner, Harte Coyle Collins, Solicitors & Advocates
  33. Benjamin Croft, Partner, Leigh Day
  34. Idris Mohammed Dawjee, Director, Northcote Solicitors
  35. Martyn Day, Senior Partner, Leigh Day
  36. Augustus Della-Porta, Partner, Bates Wells
  37. Jean Demars, Director, Public Interest Law Centre
  38. Christopher Desira, Director, Seraphus
  39. Eleonor Duhs, Partner, Bates Wells
  40. Shamik Dutta, Partner, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
  41. Katherine Claire Edgar, Partner, Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors
  42. Hazar El-Chamaa, Partner, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP 
  43. Annette Elder, Partner, Elder Rahimi Solicitors
  44. Pamela Fitzpatrick, Director, Harrow Law Centre
  45. Rhona Friedman, Director, Commons Law CIC
  46. Vanessa Ganguin, Managing Partner, Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Solicitors
  47. Balvinder Gill, Partner, Imran Khan and Partners Solicitors
  48. Ana González, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  49. Tessa Gregory, Partner, Leigh Day
  50. Vicky Guedella, Founding Partner (retired), Deighton Guedalla
  51. Hasan Hadi, Founder, Southgate Solicitors 
  52. John Halford, Partner, Bindmans LLP
  53. Alice Hardy, Partner, Bindmans LLP
  54. Waleed Hassan, Director, WH Solicitors
  55. Charlotte Haworth Hird, Partner, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
  56. Niall John Hearty, Partner, Rahman Ravelli Solicitors
  57. Paul Heron, Legal Director, Public Interest Law Centre
  58. Toufique Hossain, Director, Duncan Lewis Solicitors
  59. Alison Hunter, Partner,  Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP
  60. Aisha Hussain, Partner, TEN Legal Solicitors
  61. Ibrahim Hussain, Director, Stonehall Solicitors
  62. Riffat Hussain, Director, IBSA Legal LTD
  63. Andrew Hutson, Partner, Thompsons Solicitors
  64. Shamim Ibrahim, Director, Ansham White Solicitors
  65. Sobea Irfan, Managing Director, Bank Solicitors Limited
  66. Shahid Iqbal, Director, Alexander Cousins
  67. Mahomed Foorqan Ismail, Director, MFI Law Limited
  68. Wessen Jazrawi, Partner, Hausfeld
  69. Clare Jennings, Partner, Gold Jennings Solicitors 
  70. Bharine Kalsi, Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
  71. Nasreen Kareem, Director, Platinum Partnership Solicitors
  72. Rukhsana Kauser, Director, KA Solicitors
  73. William Kenyon, Partner, ITN Solicitors
  74. Sahar Handford, Partner, Winley Ford Solicitors 
  75. Balaal Hussain Khan, Director, BKP Solicitors
  76. Nazia Khan, Director, Duncan Lewis Solicitors
  77. Nideem Khan, Partner, TEN Legal Solicitors
  78. Yousuf Khan, Partner, Kamrans Solicitors 
  79. Zulfi Khan, Partner, TEN Legal Solicitors
  80. Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, Founder, SKB Law
  81. Akhtar Khushi, Director, Bedfords Solicitors Limited
  82. Abu Kibla, Managing Director, Stuart Miller Solicitors
  83. Rukshana Koser, Partner, Langley Wellington LLP
  84. Grace Loncraine, Director, Commons Law CIC
  85. Nusrat Latif, Founder, Latif Adams Solicitors
  86. Daniel Machover, Partner, Hickman and Rose
  87. Jhangir Mahmood, Director, Bishop Lloyd & Jackson Solicitors Limited
  88. Pierre Makhlouf, Legal Director, Bail for Immigration Detainees
  89. Attiq Malik, Director, Liberty Law Solicitors
  90. Saimah Malik, Partner, Goodwyn Herrera Solicitors
  91. Sapna Malik, Partner, Leigh Day
  92. Shaheen Mamun, Director, Black Antelope Law
  93. Gene Matthews, Partner, Leigh Day
  94. Jacqueline McKenzie, Partner, Leigh Day
  95. Joseph D McVeigh, Director, KRW Law Solicitors, Belfast
  96. Richard Meeran, Partner, Leigh Day
  97. Clare Mellor, Chief Executive, Thompsons Solicitors
  98. Alison Millar, Partnery, Leigh Day
  99. Dara Montague, Partner, Thomas T Montague Solicitors
  100. Suzanne Moran, Founder, SRM Legal
  101. Niall Murphy, Director, KRW Law LLP, Belfast
  102. Sophie Naftalin, Partner, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
  103. Mohammed Naser, Director, M & N Solicitors
  104. Simon Natas FRSA, Partner, ITN Solicitors
  105. Marcela Navarrete, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  106. Waseem Nazir, Director, Batley Law
  107. Michael Newman, Partner, Leigh Day
  108. Aisling Ní Chuinn, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  109. Pádraig Ó Muirigh, Director, Ó Muirigh Solicitors, Belfast
  110. Muhunthan Paramesvaran, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  111. Lochlinn Parker, Managing Director, Good Law Practice
  112. Mohsin Patel, Director, Factor Risk Management
  113. Jed Pennington, Partner, Wilsons Solicitors
  114. Henrietta Phillips, Partner, Thompsons Solicitors
  115. Ashique Rahman, Founder, Saadeh Rahman LLP
  116. Aziz Rahman, Director, Onyx Solicitors
  117. Jahad Rahman, Partner, Rahman Lowe Solicitors
  118. Irfan Rashid, Assistant Director, Trent Law Solicitors
  119. Rizwan Rashid, Director, IWill Solicitors
  120. Nina Rathbone Pullen, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  121. Sarah Ricca, Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
  122. Justina Ricci, Founding Partner, Ricci & Partners
  123. Katy Robinson, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP
  124. Jane Ryan, Partner, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors
  125. Jiries Saadeh, Founder, Saadeh Rahman LLP
  126. Sana Saddique, Founder and Managing Director of Collective Law
  127. Nosheen Saleem, Partner, Ahmed & Co Solicitors
  128. Ali Sethi, Director, Bloomingdale Solicitors Ltd
  129. Tahir Shafiq, Partner, Longfords Solicitors
  130. Zed Shah, Partner, Shah Hague Solicitors
  131. Samar Shams, Managing Partner, Changes Immigration Ltd
  132. Waleed Sheikh, Partner, Leigh Day
  133. Paul Shevlin, Partner, Thompsons Solicitors
  134. Shivaji Shiva, Partner, VWV
  135. Ahmed Sediqi, Director, Sediqi & Sediqi Solicitors
  136. Mahmood Siddiqui, Director, Property Lawyers Limited
  137. Gillian Gail Sieczkowski, Partner, TEN Legal Solicitors
  138. Laura Smith, Interim Legal Director, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
  139. Dr Connie N Maina Sozi, Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
  140. Gerard Stilliard, Partner, Thompsons Solicitors
  141. Richard Stein, former Partner, Leigh Day
  142. Anna Steiner, Director of the University of Westminster Legal Advice Clinic
  143. Ruwan Subasinghe, Legal Director, International Transport Workers’ Federation
  144. Nadeem Thanvi, Managing Partner, ITN Solicitors
  145. Gias Uddin, Partner, Woolfe & Co Solicitors Ltd
  146. Nusrat Uddin, Partner, Wilsons Solicitors 
  147. Furrukh Usmani, Director, Usmani King Solicitors
  148. Rashid Uzzaman, Managing Director, UVS Law
  149. Kevin Winters, Founding Partner, KRW Law LLP
  150. Zubier Yazdani, Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
  151. Shazia Yousaf, Partner, Parker Rhodes Hickmotts
  152. Ibraheem Yusuf, Director, Kudos Legal LTD
  153. Mitali Zakaria, Partner, ITN Solicitors
  154. Shaheen Zaman-Khan, Founder, Shaheen Zaman-Khan Law


  1. Professor Madeleine Rees OBE, London School of Economics  
  2. Professor Francesca Klug OBE, Visiting Professor, LSE Human Rights, London School of Economics 
  3. Professor Donatella Alessandrini, Kent Law School, University of Kent
  4. Professor Mashood Baderin, SOAS, University of London; Former UN Independent Expert on the situation of Human Rights in the Sudan
  5. Professor Nicola Barker, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool
  6. Professor Bill Bowring, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences; Birkbeck College, University of London
  7. Professor Eddie Bruce-Jones, Professor of Law, School of Law, Gender and Media, SOAS, University of London
  8. Professor Anna Bryson, Professor of Law, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast 
  9. Professor Nicole Busby, Professor of Human Rights, Equality and Justice, University of Glasgow
  10. Professor Parosha Chandran, Barrister; Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London
  11. Professor Christine Chinkin, Professorial Research Fellow, Centre for Women, Peace and Security, London School of Economics
  12. Professor Joanne Conaghan FBA, FAcSS, University of Bristol Law School
  13. Professor Angela Daly, Dundee Law School, University of Dundee
  14. Professor Martin Dixon FAcSS, Director of Studies in Land Economy and Professor of the Law of Real Property, University of Cambridge
  15. Professor Susan Edwards, Professor of Law, Northumbria Law School, Northumbria University
  16. Professor Máiréad Enright, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
  17. Professor KD Ewing 
  18. Professor Marie Fox, Professor of Law, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool
  19. Professor Conor Gearty FBA, KC (Hon), LSE Law School, London School of Economics 
  20. Professor Penny Green, Professor of Law and Globalisation, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
  21. Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, Emeritus Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford; Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford
  22. Professor Neve Gordon, Professor of Human Rights and International Law, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London
  23. Professor Jacques Hartmann, Professor in Law, Dundee Law School, University of Dundee
  24. Professor Colin Harvey, Professor of Human Rights Law, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
  25. Professor Stephen Humphreys, Professor of International Law, LSE Law School, London School of Economics
  26. Professor Paddy Ireland, Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Bristol
  27. Professor Gerhard Kemp, Professor of Criminal Law, University of West England Bristol
  28. Professor Urfan Khaliq, Professor of International Laws, Cardiff University
  29. Professor Jeff King, Professor of Law, University College London; Director of Research, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law
  30. Professor Kate Malleson, Professor of Law,  School of Law, Queen Mary University London
  31. Professor Louise Mallinder, Deputy Director and Legacy Theme Lead, Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Justice and Security, Queen’s University Belfast
  32. Professor Susan Marks FBA, LSE Law School, London School of Economics 
  33. Professor Natasa Mavronicola, Professor of Human Rights Law, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
  34. Professor Pádraig McAuliffe, School of Law, University of Liverpool
  35. Professor Kieran McEvoy, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
  36. Professor Luke Moffett, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
  37. Professor Violeta Moreno-Lax, Professor of Law, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London
  38. Professor Peter Muchlinski, Emeritus Professor of International Commercial Law, School of Law, Gender and Media, SOAS, University of London
  39. Professor Colin Murray, Professor of Law and Democracy, Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University 
  40. Professor Tonia Novitz, Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol Law School
  41. Professor Rory O’Connell, Transitional Justice Institute and School of Law, Ulster University
  42. Professor Aoife O’Donoghue, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
  43. Professor Lutz Oette, School of Law & Centre for Human Rights Law, SOAS, University of London
  44. Professor Catherine O’Rourke, Durham Law School, Durham University
  45. Professor Ellie Palmer, Emeritus Professor, Essex Law School, University of Essex
  46. Professor Eva Pils, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London
  47. Professor Professor Fernanda Pirie, Professor of Anthropology of Law, Center for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
  48. Professor Noelle Quenivet, Professor in International Law, University of West England Bristol 
  49. Professor Surabhi Ranganathan, Professor of International Law, University of Cambridge
  50. Professor Bernard Ryan, University of Leicester
  51. Professor Christine Schwöbel-Patel, School of Law, University of Warwick
  52. Professor Mohammad Shahabuddin, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
  53. Professor Helen Stalford, Professor of Law, Liverpool Law School, University of Liverpool
  54. Professor Charlotte Villiers, Professor of Company Law, University of Bristol Law School
  55. Professor Annapurna Waughray, Professor of Human Rights Law; Solicitor (non-practising), Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University 
  56. Professor Lynn Welchman, School of Law, SOAS, University of London
  57. Professor David Whyte, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London
  58. Professor Siobhán Wills, Director of the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University
  59. Professor Hakeem Yusuf, Professor of Global Law, Derby Law School, University of Derby


  1. Zimran Samuel MBE, Barrister; Visiting Professor in Practice, London School of Economics
  2. Zayd Ahmed, Barrister, Chair of the Young Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales
  3. Matthew Ahluwalia, Barrister
  4. Rhia Abukhalil, Barrister
  5. Edward Arash Abedian, Barrister
  6. Femi Adekoya, Barrister
  7. Dr Mirza Ahmad, Barrister
  8. Gulam Ahmed, Barrister
  9. Salek Ahmed, Barrister
  10. Syed Ahmed, Barrister
  11. Zahra Ahmed, Barrister
  12. Ayse Akgol, Barrister
  13. Samreen Akhtar, Barrister
  14. Zahra Al-Rikabi, Barrister
  15. Ishtiyaq Ali, Barrister
  16. Umar Ali, Barrister
  17. Mark Allison, Barrister
  18. Zafar Ansari, Barrister
  19. Naima Asif, Barrister
  20. Leona Askin BL, Barrister
  21. Brigid Baillie, Barrister
  22. Michael Bailey, Barrister
  23. Tayyiba Bajwa, Barrister
  24. Faras Baloch, Barrister
  25. Zoe Bantleman, Barrister
  26. Nick Bano, Barrister
  27. Sarah Barber, Barrister
  28. Ciara Bartlam, Barrister
  29. Abdallah Barakat, Pupil Barrister
  30. Fred Batstone, Barrister
  31. Soraya Bauwens, Barrister
  32. Olivia Beach, Barrister
  33. Ross Beaton, Barrister
  34. Dréa Becker, Barrister
  35. Zeena Begum, Barrister
  36. Omran Belhadi, Barrister
  37. Verity Bell, Barrister
  38. Alex Bennie, Barrister
  39. Radha Bhatt, Barrister
  40. Rajiv Bhatt, Barrister
  41. Jodie Blackstock, Barrister
  42. Jack Boswell, Barrister
  43. Minka Braun, Barrister
  44. Delphine Breese-Laughran, Barrister
  45. George L C Brown, Barrister
  46. Ben Bundock, Barrister
  47. Rosalind Burgin, Barrister
  48. Alex Burret, Barrister
  49. Sean Butler, Barrister
  50. Joseph Byrne, Barrister
  51. Toby M Cadman, Barrister
  52. David Carter, Barrister
  53. Lisa Casey BL, Barrister
  54. Tricia Cave, Barrister
  55. Rebecca Chapman, Barrister
  56. Saiqa Chaudhry, Barrister
  57. Sabuhi Chaudhry, Barrister
  58. Reza Choudhury, Barrister
  59. Ayesha Christie, Barrister
  60. Finnian Clarke, Barrister
  61. Rosalind Comyn, Barrister
  62. Margherita Cornaglia, Barrister
  63. Paul Kingsley Clark, Barrister
  64. Rebecca Clark, Barrister
  65. Madelaine Clifford, Barrister
  66. Janet Cragg, Barrister
  67. Ethu Crorie, Barrister
  68. Natalie Csengeri, Barrister
  69. Helen Crowell, Barrister
  70. John Cubbon, Barrister
  71. Lucinda Cunningham, Barrister
  72. Meghan Curran, Barrister
  73. Daniel Currie, Barrister  
  74. Flora Curtis, Barrister
  75. Gemma Daly, Barrister
  76. Osama Daneshyar, Barrister
  77. Tetevi Davi, Barrister
  78. Anita Davies, Barrister
  79. Oscar Davies, Barrister
  80. Stephanie Davin, Barrister
  81. Claris D’Cruz, Barrister
  82. Layla Dean-Verity, Barrister
  83. Raj Desai, Barrister
  84. Brendan Devlin, Barrister
  85. Catherine P Devlin BL, Barrister
  86. Cormac Devlin, Barrister
  87. Helen Douglass-Dixon, Barrister
  88. Sarah Dobbie, Barrister
  89. Kelly Doherty BL, Barrister
  90. Michael Doherty BL, Barrister
  91. Eamonn Dornan BL, Barrister
  92. Mary Durkan BL, Barrister
  93. Iain Edwards, Barrister
  94. Amean Elgadhy, Barrister
  95. Rayan Fakhoury, Barrister
  96. Josephine Fathers, Barrister
  97. Andrew Francis, Barrister
  98. Rachel Francis, Barrister
  99. Tom Gaisford, Barrister
  100. Steven Galliver-Andrew, Barrister
  101. Arshad Ghaffar, Barrister
  102. Nicholas Gibson, Barrister
  103. Navpreeth Gihair, Barrister
  104. Patrick Gillen BL, Barrister
  105. Peter Gilmour, Barrister
  106. Eleanor Gleeson, Barrister
  107. David Gregory, Barrister
  108. Donnchadh Greene, Barrister
  109. Eleri Griffiths, Barrister
  110. Daniel Grütters, Barrister
  111. Yasser Gulraiz, Barrister
  112. Khatija Hafesji, Barrister
  113. Nour Haidar, Barrister
  114. Mustapha Hakme, Barrister
  115. Raza Halim, Barrister
  116. Navid Hamid, Barrister
  117. Mira Hammad, Barrister
  118. Zoe Harper, Barrister
  119. Michelle Harris, Barrister
  120. Sara Harrison-Fisher, Barrister
  121. Alison Harvey, Barrister
  122. Richard Harvey, Barrister
  123. Helen Hendry, Barrister
  124. Betsy Hindle, Barrister
  125. John Hobson, Barrister
  126. Anna Hoffmann, Barrister
  127. Mike Hollis, Barrister
  128. Louise Hooper, Barrister
  129. Andréa Hounto, Barrister
  130. Ruba Huleihel, Barrister
  131. Aqsa Hussain, Barrister
  132. Ghazala Hussain, Barrister
  133. Tasaddat Hussain, Barrister
  134. Darryl Hutcheon, Barrister
  135. Turan Hursit, Barrister
  136. Rayan Imam, Barrister
  137. Arnela Imamovic, Barrister
  138. Zeenat Islam, Barrister
  139. Nazmun Ismail, Barrister
  140. Dr Alice Irving, Barrister
  141. Florence Iveson, Barrister
  142. Tamara Jaber, Barrister
  143. Rehab Jaffer, Barrister
  144. Vijay Jagadesham, Barrister
  145. Tim James-Matthews, Barrister
  146. Aisha Jamil, Barrister
  147. Shivani Jegarajah, Barrister
  148. Nick Jones BL, Barrister
  149. Tim Jones, Barrister
  150. Naeem Karbhari, Barrister
  151. Mikhil Karnik, Barrister
  152. Rioghnach Kavanagh BL, Barrister
  153. Caitríona M Keenan BL, Barrister
  154. Laura Keenan, Barrister
  155. Sophie Kenny, Barrister
  156. Samantha Kellett BL, Barrister
  157. Aislinn Kelly-Lyth, Barrister
  158. Nicola Kerr BL, Barrister
  159. Anas Khan, Barrister
  160. Balahl Khan, Barrister
  161. Forz Khan, Barrister
  162. Shazia Khan, Barrister
  163. Benjamin Knight, Barrister
  164. Michelle Knorr, Barrister
  165. Geeta Koska, Barrister
  166. Raggi Kotak, Barrister
  167. Antje Kunst, Barrister
  168. Dammaris Lamkin, Barrister (retired)
  169. Andrew Lane, Barrister
  170. Niki Langridge, Barrister
  171. Victoria Laughton, Barrister
  172. Jessica Lavelle, Barrister
  173. Harriet Lavin, Barrister
  174. Taimour Lay, Barrister
  175. Helen Law, Barrister
  176. Joscelyn Lee, Barrister
  177. Hugo Leith, Barrister
  178. Joy Lewis, Barrister
  179. Lily Lewis, Barrister
  180. Eleanor Leydon, Barrister
  181. Kevin Lister, Barrister
  182. David Langwallner, Barrister 
  183. Natasha Lloyd-Owen, Barrister
  184. Tom Lowenthal, Barrister
  185. Julia Lowis, Barrister
  186. Brian P. Lundy BL, Barrister
  187. Alasdair Mackenzie, Barrister
  188. Chiara Maddocks, Barrister
  189. Imran Mahmood, Barrister
  190. Sumita Mahtab, Barrister
  191. Lucy Mair, Barrister
  192. Bilal Malik, Barrister
  193. Mohsin Malik, Barrister
  194. Nabila Mallick, Barrister
  195. Preetika Mathur, Barrister
  196. Danielle Manson, Barrister
  197. Piers Marquis, Barrister
  198. Rebecca Martin, Barrister
  199. Anirudh Mathur, Barrister
  200. Kalsoom Maqsood, Barrister
  201. Asad Maqsood, Barrister
  202. Chris Milsom, Barrister
  203. Vishal Misra, Barrister
  204. Grainne McAnaney BL, Barrister
  205. Katharine McAleavey BL, Barrister
  206. Hamish McCallum, Barrister
  207. Mary-Rachel McCabe, Barrister
  208. Lucy McCann, Barrister
  209. Philip McLeish, Barrister
  210. Alexander McColl, Barrister
  211. Ciaran McCollum BL, Barrister
  212. Ben McCormack, Barrister
  213. Gerard McGettigan BL, Barrister
  214. Pauline McHugh, Barrister
  215. Séamus McIlroy BL, Barrister
  216. Patrick McMorrow, Barrister
  217. Robert McTernaghan BL, Barrister
  218. Imogen Mellor, Barrister
  219. Ahmed Miah, Barrister
  220. Maryam Mir, Barrister
  221. Ben Mitchell, Barrister
  222. Raza Mithani, Barrister
  223. Audrey Cheryl Mogan, Barrister
  224. Hashi Mohamed, Barrister
  225. George Molyneaux, Barrister
  226. Helen Monah, Barrister 
  227. Angharad Monk, Barrister
  228. Andrew Moriarty BL, Barrister
  229. Matthew Moriarty, Barrister
  230. Una Morris, Barrister
  231. Piers Mostyn, Barrister
  232. Elizabeth Mottershaw, Barrister
  233. Tamara Muhammad, Barrister
  234. Farhana Mukith, Barrister
  235. Maeve Mullan BL, Barrister
  236. Margo Munro Kerr, Barrister
  237. Shuyeb Muquit, Barrister
  238. Aoife Murphy BL, Barrister
  239. Rea Murray, Barrister
  240. Sajjad Nabi, Barrister
  241. Harj Narulla, Barrister
  242. Laila Nasir, Barrister
  243. Adil Navaid, Barrister
  244. Jesse Nicholls, Barrister
  245. Nicholas Nicol, Barrister
  246. Angelina Nicolaou, Barrister
  247. Shama Nijabat, Barrister
  248. Asma Nizami, Barrister
  249. Eorann O’Connor, Barrister
  250. Seán O’Hare BL, Barrister
  251. Richard O’Keeffe, Barrister
  252. Nadia O’Mara, Barrister
  253. Sarah O’Reilly BL, Barrister
  254. Maeve O’Rourke, Barrister
  255. Ayesha Omar, Barrister
  256. Lynton Orrett, Barrister
  257. Ahmed Osman, Barrister
  258. Marie Paris, Barrister
  259. Vincent Parkin, Barrister
  260. Samir Pasha, Barrister
  261. Sean Patterson BL, Barrister
  262. Agata Patyna, Barrister
  263. Charlie Peat, Barrister
  264. Ollie Persey, Barrister
  265. Catherine Philps, Barrister
  266. Emmeline Plews, Barrister
  267. Rosa Polaschek, Barrister
  268. Roshni Popli, Barrister
  269. Tim Potter, Barrister
  270. James Presland, Barrister
  271. Imogen Proud, Barrister
  272. Nigel Quinn BL, Barrister
  273. Declan P Quinn BL, Barrister
  274. Waqas Rashid, Barrister
  275. Genevieve Reed, Barrister
  276. Kim Renfrew, Barrister
  277. David Renton, Barrister
  278. Isaac Ricca-Richardson, Barrister
  279. Kate Riekstina, Barrister
  280. Adam Riley, Barrister
  281. Daniel Robinson, Barrister
  282. Bethan Rogers, Barrister
  283. Darcy Rollins BL, Barrister
  284. Hannah Rought-Brooks, Barrister
  285. James Robottom, Barrister
  286. Anna Rubbi, Barrister
  287. Omar Sabbagh, Barrister
  288. Faisel Sadiq, Barrister
  289. Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright, Barrister
  290. Zac Sammour, Barrister
  291. Max Schaefer, Barrister
  292. James Schofield, Barrister
  293. Mark Schwenk, Barrister
  294. Marina Sergides, Barrister
  295. Ruby Selva, Barrister
  296. Monwara Shah, Barrister
  297. Dr Niaz A Shah, Barrister
  298. Semaab Shaikh, Barrister
  299. Isha Shakir, Barrister
  300. Katy Sheridan, Barrister
  301. Clementine Simon, Barrister
  302. Vida Simpeh, Barrister
  303. Shanthi Sivakumaran, Barrister
  304. Bernadette Smith, Barrister
  305. Aileen Smyth BL, Barrister
  306. Helena Spector, Barrister
  307. Rudolph Spurling, Barrister
  308. Michael Sprack, Barrister
  309. Omar Soliman, Barrister
  310. James Stark, Barrister
  311. Robbie Stern, Barrister
  312. Kate Stone, Barrister
  313. Roisin Swords-Kieley, Barrister
  314. Omar Tahir, Barrister 
  315. Leila Taleb, Barrister
  316. Nina Tavakoli, Barrister
  317. Daniel Taylor, Barrister
  318. Gwawr Thomas, Barrister
  319. Jake Thorold, Barrister
  320. Corin Timson, Barrister
  321. Emma Turnbull, Barrister
  322. Jennifer Twite, Barrister
  323. Stephanie Varle, Barrister
  324. Laurene Veale, Barrister
  325. Chris Wallace,  Barrister
  326. Damian Warburton, Barrister
  327. Camille Warren, Barrister
  328. Christian Weaver, Barrister
  329. Hannah Webb, Barrister
  330. Adam White, Barrister
  331. Natalie Wilkins, Barrister
  332. Helena Wilson BL, Barrister
  333. Pippa Woodrow, Barrister
  334. Rachel Woodward, Barrister
  335. Susan Wright, Barrister
  336. Hateema Zia, Barrister
  337. Misbah Zahid, Barrister 
  338. Camila Zapata Besso, Barrister


  1. Sara Chandler KC (hon), Solicitor 
  2. Malak Abbas, Solicitor
  3. Aisha Abdul-Latif, Solicitor
  4. Maliha Abu-Nowar, Solicitor
  5. Neena Acharya, Solicitor
  6. Kehinde Adeogun, Solicitor
  7. Lana Adamou, Solicitor 
  8. Yasmin Adib, Solicitor
  9. Malina Ahmadi, Solicitor
  10. Mudasar Ahmed, Solicitor
  11. Riad Ahmed, Solicitor
  12. Syed Moshahid Ahmed, Solicitor
  13. Waseem Ahmed, Solicitor
  14. Syed Abdur-Razzaq Ahmed, Solicitor
  15. Farhat Akbar, Solicitor
  16. Naheed Akhtar, Solicitor
  17. Aminah Akinloye, Solicitor
  18. Malik Aldeiri, Solicitor
  19. Ahmed Ali, Solicitor
  20. ​​Humaira Ali, Solicitor 
  21. Mehreen Ali, Solicitor
  22. Rehana Ali, Solicitor
  23. Rejwan Ali, Solicitor
  24. Shanaz Ali, Solicitor
  25. Shelly Ali, Solicitor
  26. Les Allamby, Solicitor (non-practising)
  27. Kawther Al-Aaraji, Solicitor
  28. Jihad Al Najjar, Solicitor 
  29. Muhammad Arafat Amin, Solicitor
  30. Zahra Anderson Nanji, Solicitor
  31. Murshed Anwar, Solicitor
  32. Sumaiyah Anwar, Solicitor
  33. Christina Ashibogu, Solicitor 
  34. Wajid M Ashraf, Solicitor
  35. Arif Awan, Solicitor
  36. Kiran Ayub, Solicitor
  37. Zabina Azim, Solicitor
  38. Jag Bahra, Solicitor
  39. Hannah Bains, Solicitor
  40. Ammarah Balouch, Solicitor 
  41. Anna Bar, Solicitor
  42. Bilkiss Bashir, Solicitor
  43. Kirsty Batchelor, Solicitor
  44. Nilofar Firoz Bawla, Solicitor
  45. Hannah Baynes, Solicitor
  46. Grace Benton, Solicitor
  47. Ryan Bestford, Solicitor
  48. Wahdana Bilal, Solicitor
  49. Julian Bild, Solicitor
  50. Chris Bishop, Solicitor 
  51. Emily Black, Solicitor
  52. Daniel Blaney, Solicitor
  53. Christina Bodénès, Solicitor 
  54. Rachel Bonner, Solicitor 
  55. Keshina Bouri, Solicitor
  56. Catherine Bourne, Solicitor 
  57. Úna Boyd, Solicitor
  58. Samantha Bradley, Solicitor 
  59. Caroline Brogan, Solicitor
  60. Salima Budhani, Solicitor
  61. Shaher Bukhari, Solicitor
  62. Ruth Bundey, Solicitor
  63. ​​Caitlín Bunting, Solicitor
  64. Lauren Butler, Solicitor (non-practising); Lecturer, University of Law
  65. Mahnoor Butt, Solicitor
  66. Lucy Cadd, Solicitor
  67. Chris Callender, Solicitor
  68. James Callender, Solicitor
  69. Juliet Carp, Solicitor
  70. Laura Chapman, Solicitor
  71. Asya Chaudhry, Solicitor
  72. Zara Chaudary, Solicitor
  73. Zoheb Chaudhry, Solicitor
  74. Rashmi Chopra, Solicitor
  75. Aisha Choudhry, Solicitor
  76. Enny Choudhury, Solicitor
  77. Ruhina Choudhury, Solicitor
  78. Nelson Reinaldo Cifuentes, Solicitor
  79. Jane Cleasby, Solicitor
  80. Amy Clements, Solicitor
  81. Michael Clements, Solicitor
  82. Francesca Cociani, Solicitor
  83. Hana Cogingsford, Solicitor 
  84. ​​Gabriel Cohen, Solicitor
  85. Oliver Conway, Solicitor 
  86. India Cooper, Solicitor
  87. Ellie Cornish, Solicitor 
  88. Cecilia Correale, Solicitor
  89. ​​Kathy Cosgrove, Solicitor 
  90. Sarah Crowe, Solicitor 
  91. Ruaidhrí Currie, Solicitor 
  92. Lydia Dagostino, Solicitor
  93. Farida Dar, Solicitor 
  94. Urfan Dar, Solicitor
  95. Safia Daud, Solicitor
  96. Tim Davies, Solicitor
  97. Carol Day, Senior Solicitor
  98. Sidra Dean, Solicitor
  99. Sebastian Del Monte, Solicitor
  100. Gerard Devaney-Khodja, Solicitor
  101. Amy Dowling, Solicitor
  102. Rebecca Dooley, Solicitor (non-practising)
  103. Martin Durkan, Solicitor
  104. Aasim Durrani, Solicitor
  105. Sophie Earnshaw, Solicitor
  106. Mollie Eglesfield, Solicitor
  107. Abu Musa Elas, Solicitor
  108. Farida Elfallah, Solicitor 
  109. Clare Evans, Solicitor
  110. Cristiana Evans, Solicitor
  111. Robbie Eyles, Solicitor
  112. Sanam Fazal, Solicitor 
  113. Van Ferguson, Solicitor
  114. Alexander Finch, Solicitor
  115. Tony Fisher, Solicitor
  116. Róise Fitzpatrick, Solicitor
  117. William Flack, Solicitor
  118. Rachel Fletcher, Solicitor
  119. Mark Foley, Solicitor
  120. Kay Foxall, Solicitor
  121. Ahmed Fulat, Solicitor
  122. Andrew Frost, Solicitor
  123. Cheryl Gaunt, Solicitor 
  124. Laura Gibbons, Solicitor
  125. Sumbel Gilani, Solicitor 
  126. Emma Gilbert, Solicitor
  127. Kulvinder Gill, Solicitor
  128. Farah Gillani, Solicitor
  129. Naomi Gillespie, Solicitor 
  130. Nazia Gofur, Solicitor
  131. Kathryn Gooding, Solicitor
  132. Colin Gregory, Solicitor 
  133. Taher Gulamhussein, Solicitor
  134. Niki Hadjivasiliou, Solicitor
  135. Nicola Hall, Solicitor
  136. Kate Hallam, Solicitor
  137. Charlotte Halsted, Solicitor
  138. Robert Hamill, Solicitor
  139. Bella Hanif, Solicitor
  140. Sabina Haque, Solicitor
  141. Jessica Hargreaves, Solicitor
  142. Mark Hargreaves, Solicitor (retired)
  143. Roberta Haslam, Solicitor
  144. Azkaa Hassam, Solicitor
  145. Najwa Hassan, Solicitor
  146. Charlotte Haworth Hird, Solicitor
  147. Juliane Heider, Solicitor
  148. Emily Dawn Heinrich, Solicitor
  149. Tom Hennessey, Solicitor 
  150. Josie Hicklin, Solicitor 
  151. Myles Hickey, Solicitor (retired)
  152. Amie Higgins, Solicitor
  153. Usamah Himdy, Solicitor
  154. Alexander Hogg, Solicitor
  155. Jed Holloway, Solicitor
  156. Dilpreet Hothi, Solicitor
  157. Aisha Hussain, Solicitor
  158. Farah Hussain, Solicitor
  159. Jamil Hussain, Solicitor
  160. Rfaket Hussain, Solicitor
  161. Shazina Hussain, Solicitor
  162. Taskeen Hussain, Solicitor
  163. Saad Abbas Hussain, Solicitor
  164. Danny Hussey, Solicitor
  165. Firdous Ibrahim, Solicitor
  166. Zaira Ilyas, Solicitor
  167. Iram Iqbal, Solicitor
  168. Shaid Iqbal, Solicitor
  169. Nilima Islam, Solicitor
  170. Qamarul Jailani, Solicitor 
  171. Nazia Jan, Solicitor
  172. Sairah Javed, Solicitor 
  173. Sura Jawad, Solicitor
  174. Jameela Jamroz, Solicitor 
  175. Kabir Joshi, Solicitor
  176. Ceylan Kahya, Solicitor 
  177. Nina Kamp, Solicitor
  178. Naga Kandiah, Solicitor
  179. Punam Bains Kannas, Solicitor
  180. Madiya Karassayeva, Solicitor
  181. Nasreen Karim, Solicitor
  182. Haroon Karimdad, Solicitor
  183. Kalvir Kaur, Solicitor
  184. Yassamin Keshtmand, Solicitor
  185. Sarmed Khalid, Solicitor
  186. Hannah Khalifah, Solicitor 
  187. Adeela Khan, Solicitor
  188. Faiza Khan, Solicitor
  189. Shahreen Khanom, Solicitor
  190. Elinor Kirchwey, Solicitor
  191. Filip Kostanecki, Solicitor
  192. Monica Kreel, Solicitor 
  193. Raman Kumar, Solicitor
  194. Suzan Kurdi, Solicitor 
  195. Ruby Lake, Solicitor
  196. Jude Lanchin, Solicitor
  197. Tom Lavin, Solicitor
  198. Jessica Lazzari, Solicitor
  199. Sarah Lewis, Solicitor
  200. Khuram Liaquat, Solicitor
  201. Philip Liptrot, Solicitor
  202. Robert Lizar, Solicitor
  203. Ceri Lloyd-Hughes, Solicitor 
  204. Suzanne Loding, Solicitor
  205. Dmitri Macmillen, Solicitor
  206. Umar Madni, Solicitor
  207. Samantha Maher, Solicitor 
  208. Adnan Mahmood, Solicitor
  209. Sadia Mahmood, Solicitor
  210. Zarmina Mahmood, Solicitor 
  211. Tayyab Majeed, Solicitor
  212. Mohammed Arham Malik, Solicitor
  213. Umair Malik, Solicitor 
  214. Huma Malok, Solicitor 
  215. Wajid Manzoor, Solicitor
  216. Salma Maqsood, Solicitor 
  217. Shirin Marker, Solicitor
  218. Michael Marshall, Solicitor
  219. Katie McAllister, Solicitor
  220. Katie McFadden, Solicitor 
  221. Niall McMahon, Solicitor 
  222. Gemma McKeown, Solicitor
  223. Anne McShane, Solicitor
  224. Sarah McSherry, Solicitor
  225. Mariam Mehmood, Solicitor
  226. Ruth Mellor, Solicitor
  227. Leyla Memduh, Solicitor 
  228. Ruth Mercer, Solicitor
  229. Nilufar Miah, Solicitor
  230. Sally Middleton, Solicitor
  231. Theodora Middleton, Solicitor
  232. Andrew Millar, Solicitor
  233. Guy Mitchell, Solicitor
  234. Remy Mohamed, Solicitor
  235. Zahra Mohamed
  236. Fara Mohammad, Solicitor
  237. Alice Morgan, Solicitor 
  238. Lucy Morgan, Solicitor
  239. Atif Mulla, Solicitor
  240. Rajiv Nair, Solicitor
  241. Uzma Naseem, Solicitor
  242. Ifath Nawaz, Solicitor
  243. Bethan Neale-McGovern, Solicitor
  244. Sean Nicolson, Solicitor
  245. Silvia Nicolaou Garcia, Solicitor
  246. Ameera Nosheen, Solicitor
  247. Absal Nuseibeh, Solicitor
  248. Barry O’Connor, Solicitor 
  249. Joanne O’Dea, Solicitor
  250. Ed O’Driscoll, Solicitor
  251. Amy Ooi, Solicitor
  252. Carolin Ott, Solicitor
  253. Shahzad Pathan, Solicitor 
  254. Ibrahim Patel, Solicitor 
  255. Emma Pein, Solicitor
  256. Wendy Pettifer, Solicitor (retired)
  257. Sabeena Pirooz, Solicitor
  258. Claire Poppleton, Solicitor
  259. Kirsten Powrie, Solicitor
  260. Ciaran Prendiville, Solicitor
  261. Fahim Rahman, Solicitor 
  262. Michael Raff, Solicitor
  263. Laura Rafferty, Solicitor
  264. Adnan Rafique, Solicitor
  265. Mital Raithatha, Solicitor
  266. Andrew Raof, Solicitor 
  267. Sumer Rana, Solicitor
  268. Awaz Raoof, Solicitor
  269. Haroon Rashid, Solicitor
  270. Rizwan Rashid, Solicitor
  271. Sarah Rashid, Senior Solicitor
  272. Mohammed Riaz, Solicitor
  273. Shabnam Riaz, Solicitor
  274. Sarah Ridley, Solicitor
  275. Meaghan Redmond, Solicitor
  276. Claire Roberts, Solicitor
  277. David Rommer, Solicitor
  278. Alex Rowe, Solicitor
  279. Tamara Rundle, Solicitor and Lecturer in Law
  280. Syma Rushd, Solicitor
  281. Georgia Rycroft, Solicitor 
  282. Masuma Saeed, Solicitor
  283. Bita Saharkhizian, Solicitor
  284. Jamila Salam, Solicitor
  285. Donna Samuels, Solicitor (retired)
  286. Deng Yan Erica San, Solicitor
  287. John Sandiford, Solicitor
  288. Haroon Sarwar, Solicitor 
  289. Mala Savjani, Solicitor
  290. Imogen Scoular, Solicitor 
  291. Oliver Scutt, Solicitor
  292. Isaac Laban Shaffer, Solicitor
  293. Afeefah Shabbir, Solicitor 
  294. Aisha Shahid, Solicitor 
  295. Alice See, Solicitor
  296. Qays Sediqi, Solicitor
  297. Anwara Shah, Solicitor
  298. Sania Shah, Solicitor
  299. Ramzan Sharif, Solicitor
  300. Qaisar Sheikh, Solicitor
  301. Kiran Siddiq, Solicitor
  302. Tanmeet Singh, Solicitor 
  303. Gus Silverman, Solicitor
  304. Gina Skandari, Solicitor
  305. Sandra Skandari, Solicitor 
  306. Alice Stevens, Solicitor
  307. Qasim Sultan, Solicitor 
  308. Fahima Sultana, Solicitor
  309. Rowena Summers, Solicitor
  310. Frances Swaine, Solicitor
  311. Laura Swan, Solicitor
  312. Walker Syachalinga, Solicitor
  313. Adil Syed, Solicitor Advocate
  314. Charlotte Sykes, Solicitor
  315. Khansa Taha, Solicitor
  316. Roopa Tanna, Solicitor
  317. Mohammed Tanweer, Solicitor 
  318. Bilal Tanveer, Solicitor
  319. Maira Tariq, Solicitor
  320. Siobhan Taylor-Ward,  Solicitor
  321. Sarah Thorley, Solicitor
  322. Thomas Thrower, Solicitor 
  323. Imogen Townley, Solicitor
  324. Giulia Tranchina, Solicitor
  325. Phuong Truong, Solicitor
  326. Raja Uruthiravinayagan, Solicitor
  327. Peter Walker, Solicitor
  328. Rachel Waller, Solicitor
  329. Katy Watts, Solicitor 
  330. Jessica Webster, Solicitor
  331. Toby Wilton, Solicitor 
  332. Liana Wood, Solicitor
  333. Rosie Worster, Solicitor
  334. Jane Wright, Solicitor
  335. Anam Yaqoob, Solicitor
  336. Sherifa Yasmin, Solicitor 
  337. Abbas Younis, Solicitor
  338. Alias Yousaf, Solicitor
  339. Shazia Yousaf, Solicitor
  340. Asma Zbidi, Solicitor
  341. Nadjia Zychowicz, Solicitor


  1. Dr Kathryn Allinson, Lecturer in Law, Bristol Law School, University of Bristol
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